About Lady Zirkaya

Many of my long-time clients call me Lady Z.

It is a term of affection and it is a distinction I cherish.

Because nothing pleases me more than when those I’ve helped acknowledge their appreciation and warmth toward me.

I consider my psychic gifts as a blessing from the great creator. And from an early age I knew my mission was to use these talents wisely and generously.

It is my opinion that many others in the field of metaphysics have similar depths of psychic powers as I possess, but I truly believe what separates me from them is my ability to delve into a client’s subconscious and become one with him or her.

It is this process which allows me to close the physical distance between client and psychic, as only then can I become most effective.

So when a client asks me to connect with a lost love, I can
visualize exactly who this person is because I “see” through my client’s eyes. I also feel my client’s pain or despair or joy, and as a result I act upon my client’s request as if it were my very own request.

In effect, the effort I put forth in each spell I cast is the identical effort I would expend as if it were a spell I was casting for myself!

And that’s who I am and what I do.

– Lady Zirkaya